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The Extension of the EIS Sunset Clause

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Finally: EIS Sunset Clause Extended To 2035 In Recent Autumn Budget

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The recent Autumn Statement by Chancellor Jeremy Hunt heralded a significant development for the UK's early-stage VC ecosystem. The government announced the extension of the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) sunset clause to April 2035, a move long advocated by SFC Capital and other stakeholders in the startup community. This extension, initially set to expire in April 2025, represents a vital step in providing certainty and security for investors and entrepreneurs alike.

The Impact of the Extension

The EIS has been a cornerstone of UK startup financing, helping to catalyse Britain's leading venture capital sector by offering generous tax reliefs to investors and thus incentivising investment in high-risk, early-stage companies. By extending the sunset clause, the government has eased the inertia and uncertainty that was beginning to cloud the market and will have a hugely positive impact on investor confidence, ensuring continued investment in startups at a time when UK PLC is trying to build its way back to growth.

The Market's Response

The response from the market has been positive. Stephen Page, CEO of SFC Capital, emphasized the reassurance it provides in the current economic climate. Similarly, Joseph Zipfel, CIO at SFC Capital, noted the confidence it gives back to the market, showing that Startups and investment remain a priority in the UK.

A Missed Opportunity?

Despite the extension, it's felt by many that fully abolishing the sunset clause would have been a more effective approach. This was an opportunity to really make a statement about Britain's intention, however, the risk is now that we have simply kicked the can further down the road. This sentiment echoes concerns about potential future uncertainties and the need for a more stable, long-term framework to support the startup ecosystem.


The extension of the EIS clauses until 2035 marks a pivotal moment for the UK's startup landscape. It affirms the government's commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, essential for economic recovery and growth. While some argue that more could be done to eliminate uncertainties entirely, the extension is a decisive step in the right direction, offering much-needed stability and optimism for investors and entrepreneurs alike. As the UK continues to navigate a challenging economic period, such measures are critical in maintaining the momentum of its vibrant startup scene.