Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high risk investment and you are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong.


SFC's SEIS and EIS Funds were first launched with the mission to catalyse innovation-led entrepreneurialism at its earliest stages. A decade later, we are now deeply embedded in the UK's seed funding ecosystem. SFC is now Britain's most active early-stage investor, ranked in the top 5 globally, and operate the market's leading SEIS fund. Thanks to over 1,000 SEIS and EIS private investors, we have committed more than £100m to 400+ Startups at the frontiers of British innovation.

01Why SFC?

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Track Record

With over £100m under management and 450 investments to date, SFC has a deep expertise of the early-stage investment market in the UK. Our award-winning SEIS and EIS funds have been going since 2014 and present a proven track record.

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A Proven Strategy

Our strategy is to invest in the UK’s most innovative startups from their very first funding round (SEIS). We work with some of the UK’s best accelerators, university incubators and angel investors to source high potential companies with a focus on B2B Software, Financial Technology, Green Tech, MedTech, Life Sciences and Consumer. We aim for sector and portfolio diversification to achieve the best returns for our investors.

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Post-Investment Support

We pride ourselves with a high level of customer service. Investors and advisers get access to our own proprietary online investor portal, allowing you to review open offers, subscribe digitally, and monitor in real time the performance of your portfolio. Our fees are market-leading and our team is dedicated to answering any queries you may have and to maintain the highest level of professional standards and delivery.

02SEIS/EIS Investing

Profit & Loss

The (Seed) Enterprise Investment Schemes are tax-efficient schemes designed to incentivise early stage investments. SEIS and EIS offer generous tax benefits to individuals investing in British startups. Try our SEIS/EIS Tax Calculator to find out the potential tax reliefs you can benefit from by investing in qualifying startups.

* The availability of tax relief depends on individual circumstances and may change in the future.

03Open Funds

SFC All Star Fund XIV EIS

SFC All Star Fund XIV EIS

Invest in SFC’s portfolio stars.
Deadline 30 Aug 2024 Raising £3m EIS


The UK's leading SEIS Fund.
Deadline 16 Aug 2024 Raising £3m SEIS

04 Online Portal

Profit & Loss
Profit & Loss

Manage all your investment details online

SFC Investors can submit their fund applications, view their investment portfolio, download SEIS/EIS certificates and access all updates using their SFC Online account.