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"A Fitbit for CNC machines" FourJaw is a productivity maximising manufacturing analytics platform that gathers real-time data from the manufacturing shop floor and presents analytics that enable manufacturers to make data driven decisions. This enables them to maximise their productivity levels, enabling them to remain competitive on the global stage. FourJaw raised a £420k pre-seed investment round in December 2020. Following this, 2021 was spent developing our scalable plug-and-play hardware, which was launched in May 2021. As of February 2022, the business has 34 customers spanning industries spanning F1 through to bath tap manufacturers. We have c.£150k ARR. FourJaw is now seeking a £700k investment round, comprising £350k of follow-on (secured) plus £350k from new investors. In addition to this, there is a £350k non-dilutive grant, topping the round up to £1.05m. This funding will be used to help the business as it enters a period of accelerated growth.
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