SFC’s Latest Investor Event at 12 Hay Hill Was Not Like Any Other!

SFC’s Latest Investor Event at 12 Hay Hill Was Not Like Any Other! Events

Another successful evening bringing together start-ups and investors took place last Monday. For this month’s pitching & networking event, we brought our guests to 12 Hay Hill, an elegant venue in the heart of London’s Mayfair.

Once the room filled and the event officially began, attendees occupied their seats and put their attention on the stage. As usual, the first to grab the microphone was SFC’s CEO, Stephen Page. Our master of ceremonies introduced Startup Funding Club to the first-timers present, who were later also acquainted to SEIS and its benefits for both investors and start-ups by Joseph Zipfel, the company’s investment manager.

This event was not like the previous ones. The introduction to our partners at SFC Bennett Brooks and Stackhouse Poland was not followed by a start-up’s pitch, but by the presentation of a new SEIS fund! Enterprise Investment Partners’ Martin Sherwood was in charge of acquainting us to the Epicure SEIS Fund. In partnership with SFC, Enterprise Investment Partners aims to provide investors with a diversified portfolio of at least 10 companies in the food, drink, and hospitality sectors. The launch of the fund sparked interest amongst the audience, as did the amazing start-ups that took to the stage afterwards:

Kashing!: the company provides technology that allows bed & breakfasts, self caterers, and accommodation providers to take payments on the spot, online, or via mobile devices.

CyberSparta: their mission is to simplify cyber-security. Their solution empowers non-cyber specialists to better manage, understand, and protect their business’s data.

iRaw: producing innovative raw, vegan, free-from food products, iRaw have proved that eating healthy doesn’t necessarily mean eating tastelessly.

Inventtory: is an end-to-end IP trading platform powered by artificial intelligence. Their mission is to create a new tradable asset class from intellectual property.

AC Worldwide: the providers of licensed high-quality Bluetooth speakers were back this month and served as an example for potential investors to see the involvement angel investors can have within an organisation, having turned their own into their pitcher!

But the pitches weren’t all the event had to offer, and the presentations were followed by a more social activity. Accompanied by canapés and drinks served by the lovely staff at 12 Hay Hill, investors and start-ups had the chance to get to know each other better.

As a final note, Startup Funding Club would like to thank everyone who joined us on Monday: start-ups and guests, the team at 12 Hay Hill, and our sponsors:

SFCBennet Brooks – the quality accounting firm specialised in start-ups.

Stackhouse Poland – providers of insurance solutions tailored to your needs.

Once again, thank you all for participating in our investor event. We hope to see you all at the next one!

SFC Team