New Year, New SFC Investor Events at The Club at The Ivy!

New Year, New SFC Investor Events at The Club at The Ivy! Events

To begin the 2017 Investor Events, we have gone back to one of our favourite venues: The Club at The Ivy! During this occasion, investors had the chance to meet six of the most promising British startups!

Last Monday 16th, the West End club held the newest edition of Opportunity Knocks, the name with which SFC’s pitching & networking events are known as at the prestigious club. SFC’s COO Angelika Burawska welcomed the guests to The Ivy and introduced the event. The evening showcased some of the best upcoming companies, some of which are part of the Startup Funding Club SEIS Fund.

After reminding the audience at the club of the different ways investors can support young businesses, Joseph Zipfel, SFC’s Investment Manager, introduced three co-investment opportunities:

Shout Out UK – a multi-award winning independent youth news network that connects intelligent, adventurous, and career-driven young people. The network aims to get them more active and interested in politics.

Rejuvenation Water – the world’s first Amino Acid enriched spring water, which has been designed to deal with the busy modern life. Rejuvenation Water has been featured on BBC news and has collaborated with Ted Baker, Virgin, and Habitat!

Unizest – providers of innovative financial services and products tailored to the needs of international students. They have launched the Aspire Account, allowing international students to open UK bank accounts before leaving their homes.

Following the fund’s startups, Daniel Tait, SFC’s Investment Associate, introduced three of the best companies we have come across recently:

Alterest – an investment management platform for marketplace finance. It enhances liquidity and risk management for investors and originators with their investment tools and lending analytics.

Laser Spoke – they are part of the emerging field of devices for cycling fitness and activity tracking as well as cycling optimisation and automation. Their two patents are a revolutionary platform technology that improves accuracy and compatibility at a lower cost.

Man Like Robbie – a football chat show produced by real fans for real fans! The show has over 1 million viewers and is frequently featured on top media outlets. Although currently focused on Arsenal FC, the show is now looking to expand to new fanbases.

SFC’s events provide not only great business opportunities, but also as social and networking gatherings for investors. Following the startups’ presentations, investors had the chance to meet the entrepreneurs behind the projects and further enquire about them.

We would like to thank the amazing staff at The Ivy for working with us once more and providing our guests with refreshments during the networking session! We would also like to thank all attendees: presenters, investors, and our loyal supporters:

SFCBennet Brooks – the quality accounting firm specialised in start-ups.

Stackhouse Poland – providers of insurance solutions tailored to your needs.

Thank you for accompanying us once more. We hope to see you in our next event!

SFC Team