Healthy Business Habits

Healthy Business Habits Startups

Having a successful business is every entrepreneur’s dream. But how do you build a successful company and – most importantly – how do you keep it that way? The answer to that question is to rely on a strong team. A good team consists of individuals from different backgrounds and cultures who share the same habits and practices. The key to success, therefore, is to make yourself and your team familiar with these healthy business habits:

  • Refine the business plan and direction constantly. As your company grows, your business plan and direction should evolve – or even change completely – as well. Therefore, entrepreneurs have to innovate regularly and motivate their team to implement and work towards those new goals.

  • Take advice – but not just from anyone! Viewing your company from an outsider's perspective can shed light on business aspects that may need some improvement. However, be careful to only take advice from experts. This way, you have the highest potential to receive useful and relevant information.

  • Strive for involvement and equality with and amongst your team. Mind yourself and your team members not to get carried away by the prospect of more wealth and power. Balance is key to working together successfully.

  • Take notes and write down all aspects of business life. Even though this habit is often overlooked, keeping notes and records in the form of corporate governance and board meetings is crucial in maintaining a successful business. Written information can contribute to incorporating good practices in the business’s daily routines.

  • Be patient. Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, your business will need some time to grow and become successful. Getting a startup off the ground is a long and frustrating process every entrepreneur has to go through.

Building a strong company is not an easy task. Take note of these five simple habits and make sure your team absorbs them and you will be one step closer to growing and keeping your business successful.



by Stephen Page, CEO at Startup Funding Club

Alex Batlle Bosch Alex Batlle Bosch
Marketing Manager