SFC celebrates its last Investor Event of 2017

Startup Funding Club celebrates its last Investor Event of 2017 at King's College London Events

Startup Funding Club has celebrated its last Investor Event of 2017 at King's College London in partnership with the university's Entrepreneurship Institute.

London, December 2017 – Last Monday, Startup Funding Club celebrated its last SFC Pitching & Networking event of 2017 at King’s College. The evening, organised in partnership with KCL’s Entrepreneurship Institute, showcased two startups incubated at the university’s King’s20 Accelerator and three SFC Alumni.

Attollo Lingerie was founded with the mission to finally give women with D+ cup sizes lingerie that is uplifting, beautifully designed and affordable. Atollo’s range is co-designed with customers, putting their needs at the forefront of the design process.

KindLink is the world’s first platform that shows donors the impact of their donations and gives charities the tools to be more efficient and transparent. In a social media-like environment, we create a link between those who want to help and those in need. is a disruptive business model selling car parts online. It enables customers to choose a brand of car parts based on their budget. In addition, icarus .com integrates with a network of independent garages who will fit the parts for customers.

The Prosperous Shop aims to help independent retailers get access to the tools and expertise that, until now, only the big players in the market could get their hands on. The Prosperous Shop brings enterprise grade analytics and insights to small and medium retailers without the fuss nor the expense.

Future Mobile Money has developed an innovative virtual payment solution that enables customers to make payments from their phones without requiring a bank account, enabling the 3 billion globally unbanked population to participate in the digital economy. The service is marketed as SendSpend and was launched earlier this year in South Africa in partnership with a major retailer.

The occasion, which was sponsored by Withers Worldwide and SFC Bennett Brooks, concluded with a networking session in which entrepreneurs and investors had the chance to get into further detail about their ventures.