SFC introduces growth startups to Linrun

SFC introduces growth startups to Linrun Events

Startup Funding Club introduces growth startups to its Chinese partner Linrun Intelligent Valley at its new event.

Last month, Startup Funding Club (SFC) hosted the first Sino-UK Project Roadshow – ”Keep up with the world!”– with its Chinese partner Linrun Intelligent Valley. The online pitch, run from SFC’s headquarters in Central London and hosted at the companies’ co-managed science park in Dongguan (China), was aimed at Chinese investors looking to aid SFC’s portfolio companies to develop their business in China.

Backed by the investment firm’s long term Chinese partner, ”Keep up with the world!” kicked off with an introduction by Linrun Intelligent Valley’s MD Xianrong Ma and SFC’s founder and CEO Stephen Page. Following their forewords, four SFC Alumni companies ready for growth and eager to expand their business – Petalite, Transcend Packaging, Applied Biotech, and Valkyrie Industries – pitched to Chinese investors.

The growth companies’ propositions caught the attention of Chinese investors. For instance, a biotech firm expressed their interest in Applied Biotech while Valkyrie Industries received an invitation from Linrun Intelligent Valley to a follow up meeting in SFC’s and the Chinese investors’ co-managed science park.

Jerry Zhang, Overseas Investment Officer at SFC, said: “We highly value the great  long-term relationship we keep with Linrun Intelligent Valley. We believe that together we can help SFC portfolio companies develop both their business and their fundraising side with this platform. Meanwhile, we will provide our full support to Linrun’s first business trip to the UK this month, which aims to attract British startups to China.”

Alex Batlle Bosch Alex Batlle Bosch
Marketing Manager