SFC Angel Fund IX EIS

SFC Angel Fund IX EIS cover
The SFC Angel Fund EIS targets the Top 10% performers of SFC’s existing portfolio. The fund invests in companies with exceptional founding teams, proven commercial traction and strong growth potential.

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SFC Angel Fund IX SEIS

SFC Angel Fund IX SEIS

Invest in a portfolio of innovative new businesses across the UK
Fund Size £20M SEIS
Rassa Rassa


Cooking platform for users to discover recipes & chefs to build their community.
Raising TBD EIS
Emperia Emperia


Designing sales-boosting digital experiences through VR for art & fashion brands
Raising TBD EIS
PeopleForce PeopleForce


An all-in-one HR solution that lets you focus on people rather than processes.
Raising TBD EIS